Endura Aluminum Gooseneck Stock and Stock Combo Trailers Optional Features

Options for Endura Gooseneck Stock & Stock Combo Trailers

Optional features may change at any time without prior notice.

Some Options may not be listed

Tie Rail
Tie Loops – bolt on (Exterior)
Tie Loops – weld on (Interior)
Dual jacks – Single speed
Dual jacks – w/2 speed Gear Box
3″ slotted sides, 28″ from floor
GN slam door with lock ea. (std. location – curb side) (available on both sides)
GN slam door with lock on front of nose (drop down)
52″ Wide Escape Door I.L.O.S.
52″ Wide fold down side ramp I.L.O.S. 37” Wide Side Escape Door
** 52” Wide fold down side ramp**
Move escape door to Left side
Additional 37” escape door, either side of trailer (Location restrictions may apply)
Fully enclosed livestock escape door I.L.O.S.

** Limited to 14,500 GVWR when used in addition to 37” or 52” wide escape door

** Restrictions may apply to ramp placement

Window in GN compartment 15″ x 34″
Side window 14″x21″
Side window 12”x18”
Angle dressing room wall, or 4’ rectangular room Standard short wall is 2’
(Includes sealed dressing room door)(Gooseneck compartment gate deleted)
Slide out Camper step – Dressing room door
Saddle rack, 2 Pedestal
Saddle rack, 3 Pedestal
Saddle rack, 4 Pedestal
Tack hooks, Bar of 6
Brush tray
Blanket bar
Move dressing room door to left side (Must enlarge dressing room if it has the angled wall)
Walk through door from Dressing room to Livestock Compartment
Delete sliding center gate & posts
Move center gate from standard position
Adjustable position center gate I.L.O.S. (solid gate – no slider) moves from front wall to front of fender
Add Adjustable position center gate (solid gate – no slider) moves from front wall to front of fender
Additional sliding center gate
Solid center gate I.L.O.S.
Additional solid center gate (Specify placement)
Additional set of center gate posts (Posts only)
3” slot in center gate
Slant stall divider, Padded
Slant stall divider, Padded, Telescoping
Full slant stall divider/Stud gate I.L.O.S. slant stall divider
Padding on livestock side of angle wall
Kick panel – Rubber 48” height – Head side
Solid Rear Gate (Non-Sliding) w/ standard L.S. Openings
Fully enclosed solid rear gate (Non-Sliding)
1/2 Roll up door in Livestock Rear gate
3″ slot in rear gate
Double rear doors with Cam latch
Double rear doors with fold around (Lay flat) hinges
Double rear doors with fold around (Lay flat) hinges
Plexi-Glass includes 2 slots left side, 2 slots right side, escape door, and rear gate
Plexi-Glass storage tray in gooseneck or straight hitch trailer.
1/2″ rubber matting for livestock area
7/8″ rubber matting for livestock area
1/2” rubber matting for dressing room
7/8” rubber matting for dressing room
Crank-Up Roof vent
Draft/Exhaust (Pop-Up) Roof vent
Front Vent & Cover
LED loading light – Requires switch
Recessed toggle switch for dome light or loading light
Pair of extra LED clearance lights
Pair of extra LED tail lights
LED backup lights (pair)
LED dome lights with switch on light
Recessed 3-way toggle switch / requires 2
3 ID Lights at front of trailer in roof cove
Options where (2) 7,000Lb. Rubber torsion axles are standard equipment
Upgrade to (3) 7,000Lb. Rubber torsion axles
Upgrade to (2) 8,000Lb. Rubber torsion axles
Upgrade to (2) 10,000Lb. Rubber torsion axles
Upgrade to (2) 7,200Lb. Rubber torsion axles
7K axles = 78-3/4″
8K axles = 75-3/4″
10K axles = 68″
7K axle = 84-1/4″
8K axle = 91-1/2″ Tapered
10K axle = 99-1/4″ Tapered
(3) 7K axles = 120-1/4″
Electric/Hydraulic brakes, ILOS 2 axles electric
Electric/Hydraulic brakes, ILOS 3 axles electric
Standard 235/85R16 10 Ply spare
Heavy Duty 235/85R16 14 ply upgrade
Heavy Duty 235/85R16 14 ply spare
Aluminum wheels
Heavy Duty 215/75R17.5 H
ILOS 235/85R16 14 ply on 8K axles
Paint Roof Cove – Black (Incudes front and side)
Combination Roof Cove & Nose painted black
Paint Nose black/ Includes front & sides of nose below cove
Polish 52” Side Ramp
Polish Gooseneck
Polish Bumper Hitch V-Nose
Double deck rail
Split sliding center gate
Split sliding rear gate
Split escape door
Double deck aluminum flooring, 7ft. Width (weight rating 70#/ sq. ft.)
Double deck aluminum flooring, 8ft. Width (weight rating 70#/ sq. ft.)