Dump Trailers

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B809 Snake River 6′ x 10′ Dutility dump trailer. Has (1) 5K axle, 10 ply tires, 17-1/2″ high solid sides, scissor hoist, 4′ tailgate that can be used to dump or can be used as a ramp, LED lights, tarp, and 16 gauge walls and 12 gauge floor.


B9208 Snake River 81-1/2″ x 13′ 7″ 14K dump trailer. Has (2) 7K axles, 37″ tall sides, scissor hoist, 7′ long ramps w/ 2,500 Lb. capacity per ramp, 12K jack, tarp, 12 gauge walls and floor, rear stabilizer jacks, 110 volt plug-in battery charger, adjustable height coupler, barn doors, and (4) D-Rings inside.


B739 Load Trail 82″ x 14′ 14K dump trailer. Has (2) 7K axles, NEV-R-ADJUST brakes on both axles, 24″ high sides, 3-way rear gate, scissor hoist, ramps, tarp, 12K dropleg jack, (4) D-Rings inside, 8 amp 110 volt battery charger, 10 gauge walls and floor, Max step on left side, and LED lights.