Dump Trailers

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B746 Load Trail 95-1/2″ wide x 16′ long 14K deckover dump trailer. Has (2) 7K axles, 18″ fold-down sides, scissor hoist, 80″ ramps, 10K dropleg jack, tarp, (4) D-rings inside, and solar panel charger.


B742 Load Trail 14′ long 14K rated dump trailer. Has (2) 7K axles, Max bed (it is 82-1/2″ wide inside between the fenders, and 97-1/2″ wide at the top, sides flare out wider over the top of the fenders), 24″ high sides, 10 gauge floor and walls, scissor hoist, 80″ long ramps, 10K dropleg jack, (4) D-Rings in the bed, LED lights, tarp, 110 volt plug-in battery charger, and a solar panel charger.


B597 Innovative 14K 82″ x 16′ dump trailer. Has (2) 7K axles, brakes on both axles, 3-way gate, ramps, tarp, 24″ high sides, crossmembers 12″ on center, 10 gauge walls and floors, scissor hoist, LED lights, (4) D-Rings, adjustable height coupler, 12K dropleg jack, and 110 volt plug-in battery charger.